Welcoming a new baby is both exciting and overwhelming. One of the things you need to take care of is making your home safe for a little one. Whether you’re having a baby or are expecting guests with small children, here are some tips to babyproof your home. You’ll prevent accidental injuries by taking a few precautions.

Babyproof the Living Room

Families spend a lot of time in the living room so it’s important to make sure this space is safe for a baby. Check the furniture for sharp edges and then purchase corner guards to cover them up. This will help protect small children from being injured if they bump into the furniture.

Declutter your living spaces to prepare for a small child. Put away items that might be dangerous or that a baby might put in their mouth. Remove belongings on lower shelves and store the remote control in a place where the baby cannot reach it.

Check the blinds and curtains for cords that could be a strangulation hazard. Tie these up or replace them with cord-free window coverings. Install plastic covers over your electrical outlets to keep small fingers out of the outlets.

Install Gates to Babyproof Your Home

Once your baby starts to crawl, install baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs and in front of fireplaces. You can also use a gate to close off the kitchen, bathroom, or other areas that are unsafe for a small child. There are different types of baby gates but make sure the one you choose is approved for its intended use.

Tips for a Safer Crib

Make sure the baby is safe by keeping toys, stuffed animals, and thick blankets out of the crib. Purchase crib sheets that properly fit the mattress. If you’ve inherited an older crib, measure the distance between the railings to make sure they’re a safe distance apart. Slats should be no more than 2-3/8″ apart. Also, check that your older crib has not been recalled. New cribs should comply with current safety standards.

Babyproof Your Home by Keeping Chemicals Out of Reach

Crawling infants and walking toddlers are curious and love to explore. Babyproof the house by storing chemicals and other hazardous products out of reach of little ones. In the bathroom, keep medications on a high shelf.

Move household cleaning supplies to an upper cabinet. Car-care products, paints, adhesives, and other chemicals should be stored in the garage, away from common living areas. A locked cabinet is the best choice for keeping harmful products away from young children.

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