One of the most important maintenance tasks for your home is cleaning the gutters. There are several ways that you can go about completing this chore, from hiring professionals to using attachments on a hose or leaf blower. However, this article goes over the steps for the traditional way of scooping the gutters by hand.

Use a Quality Extendable Ladder When Cleaning the Gutters

The first thing you will need to clean the gutters safely is a sturdy extendable ladder that reaches at least 3 feet above the edge of the roof. The base of the ladder needs to be placed on dry, flat ground so that it cannot tip over. It is best to have someone spotting you as you climb the ladder, or at the very least have someone else present at the property in case you need help.

Wear Protective Gear

You may not understand why you need protective gear like eye goggles when you are cleaning the gutters until you are up on the ladder scooping out sludge. Gutters collect nasty debris like animal droppings and sometimes standing water, which can easily splash into your eyes while you are removing it. Wear gloves, goggles, long sleeves, and non-slip work shoes.

Scoop Out the Gutters

Once you are up on the ladder, it’s time to do the dirty work. Scoop the leaves, dirt, and other debris out of the gutters with your gloved hands or a gutter scoop. Put it in a bucket hanging from the ladder or toss it down to a tarp on the ground for easy cleanup. Tackle one section, then climb down, move the ladder, and work on the next.

Flush With a Hose

Once you have unclogged the length of the gutters and the downspouts, flush out the gutters with a garden hose. This could be done from the ground with a long hose attachment, or you can just climb back up the ladder since you already have it set up. Make sure the water flows freely down the length of the gutters and through the downspouts, directed away from the house.

Make Necessary Repairs After Cleaning the Gutters

While you are cleaning the gutters, you get an up-close look at their condition. You can feel if a section of the guttering is loose and see cracks and damage. Make note of any needed repairs and fix them yourself or hire a professional.

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