It’s important to educate yourself and your family about fire prevention and safety. Read on for how to properly place smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and create a plan to evacuate your home. Follow the fire safety tips below so your family knows what to do in an emergency.

Practice Fire Safety at Home

Create an Escape Plan

One of the most useful fire safety tips is to develop an emergency plan for your family in case of fire. Create a map of your home, noting the location of all windows, hallways, and doors. Map an escape route from each room, along with alternate routes that can be taken if the primary one is blocked. Once you have outlined your plan, have a practice drill so everyone can become familiar with it.

Install Smoke Detectors in Your Home

For fire safety, install smoke detectors in your home. These devices give you an advantage by alerting you to the earliest signs of smoke and fire. Smoke detectors should be installed inside and outside of every bedroom of your home, and on each level. Test all of your smoke detectors once a month to make sure that they are working properly. Change the batteries at least twice a year.

Be Attentive While Cooking

Never leave a hot oven and/or stovetop unattended, and don’t allow yourself to become distracted while cooking. Keep items like cooking utensils, dish towels, and cookbooks away from kitchen heat sources, as these items easily catch fire. Have a fire extinguisher accessible in the kitchen and make sure everyone in your family knows how to operate it.

Don’t Plug In Multiple Items

Don’t overload your electrical outlets by plugging in multiple cords. If you notice a plug getting warm, unplug it immediately. Appliances can overheat and start a fire.

Use Caution With Candles for Fire Safety

If you use candles, exercise caution while enjoying them. Keep candles a minimum of one foot away from flammable items such as furniture, bedding, and draperies. Extinguish candles before leaving a room and before you go to bed at night.

Teach Children About Fire Safety

Teach your children that items like lighters and matches are tools, not toys. Store flammable materials out of the reach of young children.

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