A small kitchen can cause frustration when storing cookware, preparing meals, and enjoying food and company. With careful planning and good organization, you can take advantage of even the tiniest kitchen. Here are a few space-saving ideas for a small kitchen.

Use the Tops of the Cabinets

Many kitchen cabinets have space between the top and the ceiling. With some basic carpentry skills and a few tools, you can build another cabinet on top. Shop your local hardware store for one-inch plywood and build a box to attach to the top of your current cabinetry. Leave the newly added cabinet open or, if you prefer doors, use the same plywood to craft a door that can be finished with hinges and hardware to match the existing cabinetry.

If you lack building skills, you can still take advantage of the top of your cabinets by using baskets for storage. Baskets with liners can serve as valuable storage for kitchen items you don’t use often.

Storage on the Insides of Doors

Cabinet doors hide the contents of the cabinet and offer additional space for storage. Lids and smaller pots and pans can be hung on the inside of the cabinet door. This also makes it easy to find them. The inside of an upper cabinet door is a great place to attach a small spice rack. This places herbs and spices at eye level and in an easy-to-reach location.

Ideas for a Small Kitchen: Display the Dinnerware

If you have plates or glasses that you love, leave them out as part of your kitchen décor. Show them off in the open spaces above your cabinets or build a shelf for them. You only need a small amount of wall space to install floating shelves, one placed directly above the other. Consider this option for storing your dishes.

Hang Utensils

Most kitchens have a small amount of space on the backsplash or on the side of a cabinet where you can add a magnetic utensil strip. Mount the strip to the wall for easy storage of kitchen knives, slotted spoons, and other cooking utensils you frequently use.

Use Drawer Organizers in a Small Kitchen

A surprising amount of space is often wasted in a disorganized kitchen drawer. Invest in drawer organizers for silverware, bar tools, and other small utensils. Drawer organizers will help you quickly find items that you need and the drawer will stay tidier.

Ideas for a Small Kitchen Include Adding a Breakfast Bar

A breakfast bar serves two purposes. It creates additional space for food preparation and provides a place to sit and enjoy a meal. Look for wall-mounted options that fold out of the way when not in use. You can also purchase folding chairs to hang on the wall or store them neatly beneath the bar.

When cabinets and countertops are limited, implement these space-saving ideas for your kitchen. You can create usable, organized places, even when the area is limited by size.

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