You might feel uncertain about ordering a home inspection on new construction. After all, the city inspector has approved the finished build. Yet, a certificate of occupancy from the local building inspector does not necessarily guarantee that your new home is free of defects. To discover possible issues in your home, hire an inspector to examine your newly-built house.

Home Inspectors Inspect the Entire Home

Municipal building inspectors enforce minimum housing and building codes. Building codes may require certain materials and construction methods are used to promote safety but don’t address all aspects of the home.

Independent home inspectors will assess the condition of the entire house, looking for defective materials and faulty construction that might otherwise go unnoticed. The inspector will then provide a report detailing any problems, defects, and safety concerns.

A municipal building inspector’s task is to certify that a home is ready for occupancy because it has met government standards. A home inspector alerts you to workmanship issues and potential safety concerns. He or she will provide you with a complete home inspection report which you can present to your builder.

Have an Inspection on New Construction to Verify the Home is Move-In Ready

During an inspection, your inspector will point out any defects like missing floor tiles, damaged roof materials, and improperly installed appliances. Issues like missing insulation, damaged joists, loose wiring, and leaking pipes sometimes exist in new construction. Have your home purchase contract written to include a home inspection contingency. You will be able to request that the builder makes repairs before the sale is final.

Protect Your Investment With an Inspection on New Construction

A new home is more than a piece of property. It is likely your largest investment and the place where you should feel the most comfortable. Have the freedom to enjoy your new home without worrying about defects. With an inspection, you can get peace of mind that your new home is in good condition.

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