If you wish you had a larger bathroom, there are tricks to create the illusion of a bigger room. Small bathrooms seem cramped, making bathroom renovation a popular project for homeowners. Not all bathrooms can be remodeled for more square footage; however, here are tips to make a bathroom look larger.

Lighting Can Make a Bathroom Look Larger

Lighting can make or break any area of your home, including the bathroom. It’s not always possible to open windows, but you can take advantage of natural light with lightweight curtains that are easy to open and close. Alternatively, install a window film that allows light in and adds privacy.

Use different types of lighting for the best results. A fixture above the vanity is helpful for getting ready in the morning. Overhead lighting will illuminate the entire room. Use a small table lamp on a shelf to brighten a dark corner.

Stick With Neutral Colors

If you want to make your bathroom look larger, paint the room using lighter colors (pastels or neutrals) for your walls. Use towels and bathmats of the same color. Lighter, brighter colors make the space feel bigger, plus neutral tones compliment any style of décor.

Keep the Space Clean

An easy way to make your bathroom look larger is to remove unnecessary items around the sink, vanity, and bathtub. Purchase wall storage or under-the-sink bins for shower supplies, toilet paper, and extra toothpaste. Clean the windows, including skylights, to let in more natural light.

To Make a Bathroom Look Larger: Add Mirrors

Mirrors visually trick you into perceiving a space is larger than it is, so add a wall-mounted mirror to make your bathroom feel more spacious. You might also add mirrors to the wall or back of the door. A mirror with built-in surrounding lights provides extra illumination to further brighten and enlarge the space.

Update the Shower Door

While shower curtains showcase your design tastes, a glass shower door will make your bathroom look spacious. A curtain cuts a small bathroom in half, while a glass door creates a more open look. Keep the glass clean and smudge-free. A streaked, dirty door creates the opposite effect.

A Unique Way to Make a Bathroom Look Larger

One idea you may not have considered is a wall-mounted toilet. A new toilet is an unusual design choice, but eliminating the base of the toilet opens up the space and makes the area feel roomier.

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