Moving houses always has its challenges, but it is trickier in the winter. Slippery ice and frigid temperatures pose hazards to your health and safety, bad weather might impact your moving plans, and you’ll need to take extra steps to keep your kids and pets comfortable. Here are 6 tips for moving during winter.

Hire Professional Movers When Moving During Winter

We recommend this moving tip at any time of year, but it is especially helpful in the winter. Professionals know how to work around the challenges that winter weather brings. You can save yourself a lot of time, trouble, and frustration when you hire professional movers.

Salt and Clear Pathways

Slippery sidewalks and driveways can cause slips and falls, which can injure people and damage your belongings. Before moving day, clear pathways of snow and ice and put down ice melt. Complete these steps at the house you are moving from and at your new house. On moving day, wear sturdy shoes with good traction on the soles.

Waterproof Packing for Moving During Winter

While the cheapest way to get moving supplies is to collect old cardboard boxes for free, these are not ideal packing supplies in the winter. The weather and surfaces may be wet, so add some waterproof containers to the mix for some of your belongings. Large plastic bins with snap-on lids are ideal waterproof moving boxes, and when you are done moving, you can use them for storage in your new home.

Protect the Floors When Moving During Winter

It’s always important to protect the floors from scratches when moving, but even more so in winter because you can track a lot of moisture into the house. Sitting water will damage hardwood flooring. Lay down tarps in heavily-trafficked areas to protect floors from scratches, dirt, and water.

Have Extra Winter Gear Accessible

When moving in the winter, you might get your gloves, hat, or jacket wet. Gather extra winter gear for everyone in your family and set it aside in case anyone needs to change. Moving will be much easier and more pleasant when everyone is comfortable and warm. Take it a step further and pack an electric kettle or coffee maker that you can plug in once you get to the new home to warm up a hot beverage.

Check the Weather and Prepare for Delays

Winter weather can be unpredictable, so keep a close eye on the forecast on the days leading up to your move. You might have to be flexible if a big snowstorm hits on the days you have scheduled the movers. If you decide to move earlier than planned so that you can avoid a storm, contact your utility companies to make sure they will be turned on in time.

Keep Your Pets Warm and Safe

Moving is hard on pets because it’s disruptive and they don’t know what’s happening. To keep your pets warm and safe throughout the moving process, you might want to board them or ask a friend to watch them until the move is complete. This way, you can introduce them to their new home with everything familiar already in place.

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