Wind Poses a Significant Threat to Homes

Your home keeps you and your family safe from severe weather like storms and strong winds. Strong winds can damage your roof, windows, siding, and doors, which may expose your home and put your family at risk. This is why it’s important to protect your home from wind damage.

Inspect Your Roof

To protect your home from wind damage, check your roof for any signs of weakness. Strong winds can rip loose shingles off your roof and expose your home to further damage, especially during the rainy season. If water enters your home, it may cause mold growth if it’s not cleaned up promptly.

If you find loose shingles, replace them and secure them with nails and sealant. Be sure to nail the shingles where they overlap to secure them properly.

Secure Your Doors and Windows to Protect Your Home From Wind Damage

Wind and dust can enter your home through gaps in windows and doors. If a window or door comes loose or fails, debris can enter your home as well. A very strong gust entering your home has the power to lift off your roof.

Secure windows with storm shutters. These will safeguard your property against changes in air pressure. Also, be sure to cover glass to better protect it from anything that would cause it to break. Examine the seals around your doors and windows to see if they are in good shape and reinforce any that are weak.

Trim Tall Trees to Protect Your From Wind Damage

Although trees contribute to the aesthetics of your home, they pose a significant danger to your property, especially if they are large and in poor shape. Trim tall trees surrounding your home. Remove trees that are dead or dying, as these will put your home at an even greater risk.

Do not remove trees yourself. Hire a professional with experience to assess and clean up trees on your property. To protect yourself further, don’t plant trees close to your house so there is less of a chance they will damage your property.

Fix Loose Metal Siding

Fixing loose siding is another way of protecting your home from wind damage. Inspect the siding thoroughly and look for pieces that could be blown off by severe winds. If you notice any unattached edges, use fasteners like bolts, screws, or concealed clips to better secure the siding to the house. For further protection, place the fasteners close together and cover the siding with metal caps or molding.

Strong winds can be destructive to your home and repairing your home from the effects of wind damage can be very expensive. Follow these tips to be proactive and protect your home from wind damage.

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