Summer is here and with it rising temperatures and longer days. This means you have the time to tackle a few improvements. When considering projects, take a look at a few summertime upgrades that will help to reduce cooling costs in your home. Your family will be more comfortable and you’ll save money on your power bill.

A home is a major investment, yet we tend to only think of aesthetic improvements to boost property value. Instead, spend some time and money on practical projects for long-term savings.

Weather Stripping Helps Reduce Cooling Costs

Not only does new weather stripping give the appearance of a well-maintained space, but adding weather stripping to doors and windows is a simple and inexpensive DIY upgrade. New weather stripping seals gaps around the windows and will make a difference in your power bill by keeping conditioned air inside your home.

Window Coverings

Window coverings are attractive and energy-efficient. If you don’t have blinds or drapes, purchase them for the windows in your home. Closing the blinds during the heat of the day will block sunlight and radiant heat from warming your home. When the evenings are cooler, open the blinds to allow heat to dissipate.

Reduce Cooling Costs with New Windows

If your windows are several years old, consider replacing them completely with modern, energy-efficient windows. New windows are costly, but you’ll see a difference in your heating and cooling bills.


An awning will provide shade over the patio or deck. These coverings are designed with UV-resistant fabrics to make them last even when exposed to the elements. Choose a retractable or removable awning for seasons or times of day when you want the sun’s warmth.

Shade Trees

Adding shade trees to your landscape is a great way to keep your property cooler. It will take some time for trees to mature and offer enough shade to make a difference in cooling your home. Once fully grown though, trees provide an attractive and practical way to keep your home cooler during the summer.

Better Insulation to Reduce Cooling Costs

Home insulation is an investment that will serve you year-round. Adding insulation to your property makes your home more energy-efficient. It will be easier to heat your living spaces in the winter and easier to cool the home in the warmer months.

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