No one wants their family to live in a house with threats to their health and safety. If you want to keep a safe and healthy home, follow these 5 tips.

Detect Unhealthy Gas

While some issues in a home are noticeable, others are almost completely undetectable. Toxic gasses like radon and carbon monoxide can be found in some homes and have no taste or odor. Radon is due to radioactive elements breaking down in the soil under the home. Carbon monoxide comes from combustion used in gas-powered heaters and stoves or fireplaces. Install carbon monoxide detectors and test the home for radon to protect yourself from these deadly gases.

Seal Gaps and Cracks for a Safe and Healthy Home

Sealing cracks and gaps around the house keeps moisture and pests out and saves energy. Water leaks cause mold and pests spread bacteria, so keeping them sealed out makes your home healthier. Fill in cracks in the foundation, spaces between siding and chimneys or roof overhangs, and points of entry for electrical, gas, plumbing, and ventilation.

Secure the Home Against Burglars

Locking the doors and windows will not always prevent a persistent intruder from entering your home. Since most burglars will find a second point of entry when the first fails, it is important to have a security system in place if someone breaks in to alert the homeowners and authorities.

Eliminate Pests for a Safe and Healthy Home

Rodents and bugs pose a threat not only to the structural integrity of a home but to the health of those living inside. Pests leave droppings and shed skin which can spread disease and cause bad allergies. Rodents that find their way into your home may chew through wires, causing a fire hazard. Termites eat through building materials, leading to a structurally unsafe structure. Conduct yearly professional pest inspections.

Keep a Weekly Cleaning Checklist

Make a weekly cleaning schedule for your home and stick to it. This list should include cleaning tasks like sweeping, mopping, disinfecting surfaces and door handles, dusting, changing bed covers and sheets, cleaning mirrors and windows, and taking out the trash.

By making an effort to keep the house clean, well-sealed, and secure, you’ll eliminate some of the common threats to health and safety in houses. Beyond these simple measures, technology like security systems and CO detectors protect your household from more elusive dangers.

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