Are you worried that termites may infest your home? These creatures may be small, but they can cause tremendous structural damage to your property, and you might not even be aware of their presence until it’s too late. Repairing the damage can be costly and time-consuming. Here are five early warning signs of termites in the home.

Areas of Soft Wood are Signs of Termites in the Home

Soft, hollow building materials are one of the signs of termites. Termites typically destroy wood from the inside out. Over time, the colony creates tunnels inside the wood, leaving behind a thin layer of timber or paint. Tapping on an area of termite damage sounds hollow because the termites chewed through much of the wood.

Bubbling Paint

Because termites consume wood from the inside, they may completely eat through the material until they reach the paint. Sometimes, they feed on wood or drywall without interfering with the surface, which makes this type of termite damage challenging to discover. Some homeowners only detect a termite infestation during repairs and renovations.

While it might not be possible to see into the walls, you may notice paint bubbles forming. Paint bubbling usually indicates excess moisture, which could mean the presence of termites or water damage. These issues need to be dealt with quickly before the situation worsens.

Discarded Wings are Signs of Termites

Termite colonies grow at a rapid rate. Eventually, some insects leave the nest, searching for a mate and a new site to colonize. Depending on the type of termite, they may swarm at night and flock near light sources, while others swarm during the day. Once they mate, they shed their wings since they no longer need them and start another colony. If you see a pile of translucent, discarded termite wings, this is a strong indicator that termites are present in your home.

Signs of Termites in the Home: Frass

Termite droppings are also known as frass. These droppings resemble sawdust pellets and can be found in small piles near tiny holes or along window sills. Evidence of frass is one of the key signs of termites in the home.

Stuck Doors and Windows

If your home has a door or window that has recently become stuck, this can be an early sign of termites. Termites target places like door frames and windows where the wood is easily accessible. When they start feeding on the wood, it causes the structure to distort, making it more challenging to open or close doors and windows.

You may notice the above signs after months or even years of termites being present in your home. To completely eradicate the problem, hire a licensed pest control expert and have your home inspected at least once a year. An expert will notice even inconspicuous signs of termite damage, possibly saving you the money and time you would’ve spent on home repair.

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