Most of us spend the majority of our time inside on cold winter days. This gives us plenty of time to take care of household tasks that fell to the wayside over the warmer months. Here are five winter home improvement tasks you can complete to improve your home.

1. Add Backsplash to the Kitchen

Backsplash protects walls from grease splatters and other cooking dangers while giving the kitchen added appeal. It’s a great winter home improvement project that you’ll appreciate all year long. Backsplash comes in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. It’s a fairly simple DIY job for most homeowners.

2. Winter Home Improvement for the Floors

Take a look at your floors. If the floors are scratched, stained, or damaged, this is a good time to refinish or update them. Redoing the floors in the home may seem like a big project, but it’s worth the effort. It’s a great way to add value to your home when you’re stuck indoors.

3. Get Out the Paint Roller

Brighten the dull, shorter days of winter by painting the walls a new color. A fresh coat of paint hides imperfections on the walls and livens things up.

4. Insulate the Attic

It’s ideal to add attic insulation before cold weather sets in, but it never hurts to improve it once it is already cold outside. A well-insulated attic keeps the warm air from escaping through the roof. The added comfort also saves money on heating bills.

5. Declutter

Winter is a great time to declutter the house. Clean out the closets. Donate your children’s clothes that don’t fit. Less clutter means that it will also be easier to clean your house. Declutter one room in the home each day until you are done.

Complete Your Winter Home Improvement Tasks

Get winter home improvement projects done so that you can enjoy the warmer days outside when they come back around. Use the ideas above to improve your home this winter.

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